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“To deliver safe and, efficacious and consistent quality natural health care products based on ancient wisdom using environmentally preferred process technologies and competent personnel towards continual commitment to total consumer satisfaction ”

These include, safe and effective, time tested health care products. The company source its products from companies certified with GMP. Current product range consist of over 100 products .
All these products are developed by effectively blending the wisdom of ancient natural medicine with modern science and leading edge technology, measure well up to the highest international standards .
Our natural products are meant to bring  and enhanced quality of life, good health and longevity to our consumers, both domestic and international.


We see that the human body is design to heal itself, once the right conditions are provided with high quality natural products(natural nutrients) and detoxification  therapies. We give therapies for pain, (athrities) weight, skin, blood circulation, ulcers, and a host of others
We provide holistic diagnosis to see whatever health condition  hidden in the tissues, where diseases initiate.


Knowledge is easy to whom that understand


Dr. James Justice

Chief Consultant

Dr James Justice is  a  Natural  Medical  Practitioner, Gerontologist  and Health  Educator.
He  is  an  expert  in  natural  medicine  based  in  London, United  Kingdom.
He  has  immense  experience  in  Natural  Medicine, use  of  herbs,  natural  therapies  and  uses  a  comprehensive  approach  in  any  natural  treatment  condition.
He  believes  and  supports  the idea  that  ” there  is  a  deep  wisdom  within  our  very  flesh,  if  we  can  only  come  to  our  sense  and   feel  it ” / Elizabeth A. Behnke/.
In  the  light  of   this,  if  we  can   support   our  body  which  is  full  of  intelligence,  it  can  take  over  and  bring  us  a  complete  recovery  in any  health  condition.
His  greatest  goal  is  to  create  awareness  about  selfcare  and  support  the  body to  heal  itself  through  natural  means.
Hippocrates , the  father  of  Western  Medicine  said  ” The  natural healing  force  within  each  of  us  is  the  greatest  force  in  getting  well. “


To provide safe and effective high grade herbal products and Herbal cosmetics, through the incorporation of ancient wisdom with modern technology and scientific management systems for the improvement of health and longevity of people .”