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We deliver safe and, efficacious and consistent quality natural health care products based on ancient wisdom using environmentally preferred process technologies and competent personnel towards continual commitment to total consumer satisfaction 

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Naturallink was established in 1998. Is driven by a challenging and inspiring corporate philosophy, namely that of providing an innovative wide range of high grade herbal products for its consumers.

The company source its products from companies certified with GMP. Current product range consist of over 100 products .All these products are developed by effectively blending the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda with modern science and leading edge technology, measure well up to the highest international standards .  Our natural products are meant to bring  and enhanced quality of life, good health and longevity to our consumers, both domestic and international.

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Leucolife Capsules

Profix Plus

Oli Oli Herbal Oil

D-Caps Plus 1

Hypernate Capsules

Tulsi Capsules

Shelajeet Capsules


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Chief Consultant - Dr. James is Natural Medical Practitioner

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All our products are produced organically and has been well approved all over the world


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Doctor James and the staff at the Natural Link center are just wonderful. They helped me through my most difficult disease and I was well again in no time.
Gina Evans

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After surgery some years ago, I developed diabetes. I fought it anyway I knew how but all to no avail until I got some of Natural Links Organic medicines. I feel way better now. Thank you Dr.
Mike Sendler
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