Gotu kola is an herb in the parsley family. It is commonly used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Gotu kola is used for burns, poor circulation that can lead to varicose veins (venous insufficiency), scars, stretch marks, and many other conditions but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

Gotu kola contains certain chemicals that seem to decrease inflammation and also decrease blood pressure in veins. Gotu kola also seems to increase collagen production, which is important for wound healing.



Benefits –

It may help boost cognitive function

It may help treat Alzheimer’s disease

It may help reduce anxiety and stress

It may act as an antidepressant

It may improve circulation and reduce swelling

It may help ease insomnia

It may help reduce appearance of stretch marks

It may promote wound healing and minimize scarring

It may help relieve joint pain


Dosing –

2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the Physician

If pregnant consult your Physician before taking

1 capsule twice a day or as directed by the Physician.


Storage –

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight,

Do no use if the seal is missing or broken