HYPERNAT CAPSULE (D caps plus 1)


Dosing –


1-2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the Physician

If pregnant consult your Physician before taking

Storage –

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight,

Do no use if the seal is missing or broken



Puskarmool : Puskarmool is an aromatic tonic, febrifuge, and expectorant with anti-inflammatory, carminative, diuretic, and antiseptic properties. The plant is used in chronic bronchitis and rheumatism. Dried rhizomes and roots are used to cure loss of appetite and stomach troubles.


Shankhpushpi : Shankhpushpi is a perennial herb that is used for its medicinal benefits.It helps to manage digestion and constipation due to its mild laxative property. It improves mental health and might help in managing depression due to its antidepressant activity.


Safed Chandan: Safed Chandan is used for treating the common cold, cough, bronchitis, fever, and sore mouth and throat. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), liver disease, gallbladder problems, heatstroke, gonorrhea, headache, and conditions of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease).


Lodhra: Lodhra is a useful herb which helps to control epistaxis. This is because of its Grahi (absorbent) property that helps in thickening of blood to stop hemorrhage (bleeding). It also helps reduce inflammation due to its Sita (cold) property.


Giloy: Giloy, also known as Amrita or Guduchi in Hindi, is an herb that helps boost immunity. It has heart-shaped leaves that resemble betel leaves.
Giloy is beneficial for diabetic patients as it is bitter in taste and helps in managing blood glucose levels. It also improves metabolism and is useful for weight management.


Pippli: Pippali is an essential herb used in various Ayurvedic medicines. The roots and fruits of Pippali are used for its medicinal purposes.

Pippali is an effective home remedy in managing cough and cold. Swallowing Pippali powder along with honey after lunch and dinner helps release mucus from the air passages due to its expectorant property, thus allowing the patient to breathe easily. It’s consumption might also help promote weight loss by improving the body’s metabolism.


Arjun: It has various medicinal properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Arjuna helps reduce the risk of heart diseases. It strengthens and tones the heart muscles and helps in proper functioning of the heart. Arjuna tree also has strong anti-hypertensive property and helps reduce high blood pressure.


Jyotishmati: The seeds of the plant improve the functioning of the brain, nerves, joints and bones. It acts on the acetylcholine level of the brain and improves cognitive functions. Majority of the impacts caused by jyotishmati is because of its relation to the neurotransmitters serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine.


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